Attendance to the Internation Conference on Animal Science and Veterinary Medicine in Tokyo, Japan

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Doctor Hermogenes M. Paguia, a faculty in College of Agriculture and Associate Director for Extension Services presented two (2) research papers in the International Conference on Animal Science and Veterinary Medicine held on May 26-28, 2010 at the Holiday Inn Hotel in Tokyo, Japan.

The first paper was entitled “Feeding Value of Spent Dried Salted Fish as Partial and Total Replacement to Broiler Ration” co-authored with Mr. Rudy C. Flores. The second paper “Evaluation of Different Medication Programs on Two Strains of Broiler (Gallus domesticus Linn.)” was co-authored with Mr. M. Corpuz.

Both papers gained positive feedbacks from the other presenters and participants. According to them, the research will contribute on the effort for searching affordable and locally available high-end feed materials for poultry. Also, the research will help validate the protocol on organic meat production using organic additives as replacement to health-threatening Antibiotic Growth Promoters (AGPs) being extensively used in animal diets by small and large animal-holders in the country.

These two researches were among the 50 research entries under the nutrition and feeds and feeding category.

Organized by the World Academy for Science, Engineering and Technology (WASET), this international forum of distinguished scholars showcased scientific research on agriculture, technology and engineering dedicated to the furtherance of science and technology. Specifically it serves as venue for discussion and exchange of ideas on current issues in science and technology.

The participation of BPSU in the said prestigious world congress paved the way for promotion of the university’s programs not only in instructions but more importantly in its research and development activities and directions.

New networks and linkages have been informally established among the researches in participating countries like in Indonesia, Taiwan, Malaysia, Vietnam, Thailand, Romania, India, Japan, Egypt, Sudan and China.