Attendance to 5th International Symposium on Machinery and Mechatronics for Agricultural and Bio-Sys

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The 5th International Symposium on Machinery and Mechatronics for Agricultural and Bio-systems Engineering (ISMAB), chaired by Dr. Toshitaka Uchino, was conducted last April 4-8, 2010 at the Kyushu University School of Medicine in Fukuoka, Japan.

Mr. Reynan P. Calderon, BPSU Science Research Specialist and Orani Campus Director Mr. Rudy C. Flores were invited to present their papers during the conference.

Mister Calderon presented the paper entitled “Aerobic Rice Technology for Climate Change Mitigation and Increasing Food Production in the Philippines” while Mr. Flores presented his paper entitled “Balog Balog Multi-Purpose Dam of the Philippines: For Continuing Development or For Continuing Disaster”.

In addition, SRS Reynan P. Calderon was also tasked to share his knowledge on climate change and technology developments in the field of agricultural and bio-systems engineering.

The conference featured “sensei” or Professors from Japan, Korea and Taiwan who talked on many national policies on food safety of the participating countries, including breakthrough in agricultural technology which could enhance production through precision agriculture.

The plenary speakers of the conference introduced the use of new energy efficient light emitting diodes (LED), which can be utilized to produce crops even under harsh weather condition including winter season. The said energy is attached to sensors, thus, making this sensitive resulting to a possible modification in color that is – from red to blue or vice versa, depending on the amount of photosynthesis needed by plants.

The conference also showcased many research papers which actually represent the advancements of Japan’s technology in terms of food safety and handling, and improving production through a more efficient system. Attendees, likewise, enjoyed the technical tours to Iseki Corp and Yakult Factory. BPSU will also participate on the 6th ISMAB to be held on Korea in 2011.