BPSU yields 23 electrical engineers in September 2012 board exam

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Twenty three (23) of the thirty eight (38) graduates who took the Licensure Examination for Registered Electrical Engineers hurdled the test given by the Professional Regulation Commission (PRC) last September 8 and 9 at various cities in the country.

The new electrical engineers include:

  1. Angeles, Randolf
  2. Aquino, Kenneth
  3. Balaccua Micahel S.
  4. Balderia, Primo Jr. F.
  5. Ballon Jommel S.
  6. Bantugan Hans Christian M.
  7. Bermillo, Arnold A.
  8. Bernado, Louie
  9. Catapang, Marlo S.
  10. Catapang, Raymond Ian B.
  11. Cerda, Aldhry G.
  12. Cotelo, Edison M.
  13. Dinglasan, Erwin
  14. Flores, Francis Agustin
  15. Magat, Reynier A.
  16. Mananggit, Hazel F.
  17. Namia, Anjelo
  18. Nazareno, Arnie L.
  19. Rodriguez, Mark T.
  20. Sapar, Edmilson T.
  21. Ungos, Harold Brenn
  22. Valdez, Ar-Jay S.
  23. Vitangcol, Christian

BPSU garnered a passing rate of 60.53%, above the national passing rate of 53.24%. The University extends its congratulations to the passers and their respective families.