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Project & Activities
Validation of the New STBF site and Farmer Cooperator of Grafted Tomato on May 6, 2011


Validation of the New STBF site and Farmer Cooperator of Grafted Tomato on May 6, 2011

The focal team of the STBF on grafted tomato has realized that success of S&T interventions still lies on the interest and willingness of the farmer adopters. No matter how good the interventions are when it was not completely followed during the production period the effect and advantages could not be seen on growth and production performance of the commodities.

The STBF on kamlong in Saba, Hermosa, Bataan after the production cycles, has not even reached the reproductive or fruiting stage. The vegetative growth of the plant during the first cycle was affected by overgrown and old grafted seedlings, non-installation of trellis & rain shelter by the farmer cooperator plus the physical damage caused by typhoon. Meanwhile the 2nd cycle, despite of the use of quality and young kamlong seedlings, availability of plastic mulch and farm inputs, the plants were remained unsuccessful due to lack of interventions and applications of the farmer cooperator of the required cultural management practices such as regular watering, weeding and trellising. It was happened basically of   farmer's lack of sense of commitment and responsibility on project operations.

Thus, the project team has decided to identify replacement MS who are more than willing to execute the S&T interventions in the STBF. With the help of the TSS of Hermosa FITS Center, Mr. Rommel C. Sazon one of the progressive vegetable growers in the locality was selected as farmer partner of the project. He will be provided with kamlong seedlings, plastic mulch and materials for rain shelter as the S&T interventions for 500 sq.m S&T-Based Farm. Labor and maintenance costs will be the farmer counterpart including the same number of tomato seedlings for farmers practice. The said activity was conducted by Engr. Jonathan E. Lacayanga, Dr. Hermogenes M. Paguia and selected BSA students. Estimated number of participants - 17.

Narrative Report of the Extension Activities conducted at Dinalupihan Elementary School Dinalupihan, Bataan


Narrative Report of the Extension Activities conducted at Dinalupihan Elementary School Dinalupihan, Bataan
Date : May 31 to June 1, 2011


This technical assistance was extended to the Dinalupihan Elementary School for their special curriculum, namely Special Class for Fast Learners and Special Science Curriculum.  The school readiness was chosen to be part of their screening instrument in order to choose the pupils who will enroll in the two special programs/curricula.  It is for this reason why the DepEd Dinalupihan Elementary School principal sought the assistance of a license guidance counselor.  The request was made and it was granted by the BPSU president, Dr. Magpantay.  A Memorandum of Agreement was formulated through the able assistance of Dr. Emmanuel C. Macaraeg of the Planning Department and at the same time the Board Secretary of Regents.  The assistance to be provided to the DES was considered as an extension program and was tackled and approved in one of the meetings of the Board of Regents.

Activities Conducted before the examination

Ordering of test materials and actual purchase of test booklets were done before the date of examination as the test administration was scheduled on May 23-24, 2011.  However, as the DES teacher in SSES and Sped administer first the SREA as an initial screening instrument, the administration of the School Readiness Test was moved to May 31 and June 1, 2011.  Pupil applicants to the said programs were divided into two batches.  Parents of the said pupils were oriented on the two-day examination period,as who will be the first to take the examination.  There were 80 applicants to quality the School Readiness Test.

Activities Conducted during the Examination

During the first day of the examination, May 31, 2011, morning  the first batch of examinees came with their parents.  There were 37 pupils who came with their parents/guardian were initially oriented by the examiner regarding how the test will be given and the type of test to be given to their children.  Parents were advised to stay at a place so that their children?s  attention span  will not be divided, hence, they could focus effectively on their tasks.  The parents cooperated well, and no one from them ever peeped in the window and the door of the examination room.  Likewise, same activities  happened during the afternoon session, where the second batch had their first four subtests too. There were more examinees in the afternoon session to complete the 80 applicants/examinees, however, only a total of 79 examinees took the test during the first day.

Before the examination began, the examiner had to establish the rapport to the examinees so that fear in the test will be minimized if not totally absent.  Proctors helped the examiner in helping each examinee focus on the test item being administered. The first four subtests are the following, namely: Vocabulary, Identifying letters, Visual Discrimination, and Auditory Discrimination.

The first day of examination was found to be successful as the reality testing was achieved. It was observed that, the second batch had a faster rate of performance than the first batch.

As instructed, examinees who are supposed to take the remaining subtests in the morning came and took the said subtests. These are: Comprehension and Interpretation, Number Knowledge, Handwriting Ability and Developmental Spelling Ability. The batch who took the test in the morning of the first day was assigned to take the test during the afternoon of the second day and vice versa. Only one examinee did not come, hence, only a total of 78 pupils/examinees successfully took the test completely.

Before the scoring of the test booklets of the examinees, proctors were first oriented on how they will score the test.  On the same afternoon, scoring and interpretation were conducted.  The following day, the examinees are ranked through their scores and results were encoded at the BPSU and the overall result was submitted to the Principal of the Dinalupihan Elementary School.  Included in the result was the average performance of the examinees in the subtests and in the total score.  Some examinees who score not pretty good in some subtests were identified and the amount of help was also specified.

Collaborative extension activities with the Municipal Social Welfare Development Office in their Out of School Youth Community Project on Practical Electricity. May 25, 2011


Collaborative extension activities with the Municipal Social Welfare Development Office in their Out of School Youth Community Project on Practical Electricity. May 25, 2011

Work Ethics and Interview Tips and Resume Making were the topics provided to the graduates of Practical Electricity.  The participants attended the program for two months and before the TESDA assessment for the NCII, they attended the seminar on Work Ethics which was given by Dr. Estrella and Interview Tips and Resume Making by Mrs. Loida L. Garcia.

Out of 40, 37 participants attended the whole seminar, three were late.  This project  was conducted in the public elementary school of barangay Jose Payumo with Mr. Lenin San Diego (MSWDO staff), Mr. Nelson Manuel, Dept ALS Coordinator, and the trainors of the said program.  This was also a joint project between the barangay SK Chairman (LGU), Dept Ed, MSWDO and BPSU.  There was a MOA between the BPSU and the MSWDO.  Of the 40 participants, two were females and 38 were males. See documentations below.

Mrs. Loida L. Garcia delivered her lecture on the How's of interviews and resume making

MOA Signing by the DepEd Official for the Adoption of San Simon Elementary School and Sto. Nino Elementary School Both Located at Dinalupihan, Bataan

The MOA between the BPSU and the Dept Ed. took place on May 23, 2011 at the office of the Schools Superintendent  Dept Ed office at Capitol Drive, Balanga City.  Dr. Romeo Alip inquired on specific projects to be given to the two elementary schools in Dinalupihan and  then signed the document.

The signing of the Memorandum of Agreement is very important as no projects will be conducted without the said MOA.

Technical Assistance on the administration of School Readiness Test to pupils of Dinalupihan Elementary School who will be in the special curriculum
Report of Dental Mission in Barangay Tubo-tubo, Dinalupihan, Bataan on May 15, 2011


Report of Dental Mission in Barangay Tubo-tubo, Dinalupihan, Bataan on May 15, 2011 Sponsored by Senator Villar's Staff and the Las Pinas Dental Society
Sponsoring Team: Villar Foundation Inc., and Paranaque Dental Society
Executive Director: Atty. Rhagee B. Tamana
Dentists and Staff: Dr. Narisa Ragos, Dr. Cesar Floralde, Dr. Rebecca Dosana, Dr. Cen Castillo, Dr. Ginalyn de Guzman, Mr. Rey Lipardo, Mrs.Bheng Anonuevo, Ms. Lovelyn Fortillo

After receiving an information from the Vice President of Research, Extension and Auxiliary Services, the Associate Director coordinated at the office of the Municipal Hall of Dinalupihan, Bataan (May 5-6) for a possible dental mission at barangay Payangan.  However, she was told that very few natives are staying in the said barangay, hence, she was advised to choose the dental mission in barangay Tubo-tubo.  She was able to talk to the barangay chairman of Tubo-tubo. Prepared a tarpaulin to welcome the group.

On May 12, 2011, Dr. Perla B. Estrella, Mr. Eugene Magno (In-charge of Extension) and Dr. Rimberto del Rosario, the school dentist conducted an ocular visit to barangay Tubo-tubo to arrange the said mission.  This was done to find out the best place in the barangay to hold the dental mission.  Pictures below reflected the ocular visit and pre-arrangement.

The BPSU group was received by the wife of the barangay chairman who at that time was attending some important matters regarding barangay activities.

The BPSU team (Dr. Paguia, Mr. Eugene Magno and Dr. Riberto del Rosario and his wife) waited for the arrival of Senator Villar's group led by Atty. Rhagee Tamana and with her was the Las Pinas Dental Society.  They arrived at around 8:30 a.m. and proceeded to barangay Tubo-tubo. At exactly 9:00 a.m., the group arrived at their destination and prepared their materials to conduct tooth extraction and oral prophylaxis. Before the work begins, Atty. gave a short message by explaining to the clients their reasons for choosing barangay Tubo-tubo.

Six (6) dentists from the group of Atty. Tamana and two dentists from BPSU (Dr. Rimberto del Rosario and his wife Dr. Angela del Rosario) had joined the team. There were 87 patients who benefited the said dental mission(tooth extraction and oral prophylaxis services were done).  The group left barangay Tubo-tubo at 12:00 noon.   Besides the dental services, the recipients received also some dental hygiene materials like tooth brush and tooth pastes.   As a final activity, Captain Evangelista of Tubo-tubo thanked the team for their dental services.

Mr. Eugene S. Magno (BPSU Dinalupihan campus In-charge of Extension) with Dr. Rimberto and his wife (Treasurer of Bataan Dental Chapter)  Other team members are taking blood pressure of clients/patients)

As the saying goes, "Life is best when we are contributing for the welfare of others."The group left the place very fulfilling.

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