The University Stallion: the new official newsletter of Bataan Peninsula State University

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The Bataan Peninsula State University launches The University Stallion, its new official newsletter, this month of May 2010.
The said newsletter was formerly named BPSU Update, but its editorial board decided to change its name into something that really symbolizes the Bataan Peninsula State University. BPSU is symbolized by a stallion. Just like this mythical horse, this University as well as the members comprising its community possesses the characteristics that enable one to endure and to emerge undefeated from ordeals by relying on and wisely utilizing their God-given talents and skills. Powered by their intelligence and ingenuity, the Peninsulares have always managed to topple down the barriers that prevent them from getting to their target destination.

Operations, Planning and Development Director Dr. Emmanuel C. Macaraeg and the members of the OPD Technical Working Group, through the guidance and support of University President Dr. Delfin O. Magpantay, conceptualized the new layout and selected the news articles in the maiden issue of the University Stallion.
Aside from the colleges and offices of the University and other organizations to which the newsletter is delivered, everyone now can access The University Stallion online at the official website of the Bataan Peninsula State University: