CEA Dean and Faculty to Present Research Papers in Singapore

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Dean of the College of Engineering and Architecture Engineer Rodrigo C. Munoz Jr. and Dr. John Ryan C. Dizon, faculty member of the college will present research papers in Nanyang University, Singapore come October 12, 2010.

The researchers will present during the 8th ANSYS Annual International Conference. Dean Munoz’s paper is entitled Estimation of Residual Stress on Rare Element Barium Copper Oxide (ReBCO) Tapes using ANSYS. Dr. Dizon will present his paper entitled Simulation of Ballooning Damage in Bi2223HTS Tapes.

Engineers Munoz and Dizon finished their graduate and post-graduate degrees in South Korea, respectively through BPSU’s international linkages with Korean universities.
The University though the Research and Development Office (RDO) continuously propagates a culture of research within the academic community by providing opportunities and incentives to faculty involved in research undertakings.

CEA In-House Research Conceptualization Workshop
On September 23, 2010, the CEA in cooperation with the RDO, conducted an In-House Research Conceptualization Workshop at the International House for its neophyte faculty members teaching major and general education subjects.
According to Dean Munoz, the workshop produced six (6) research titles which will be submitted to RDO for further evaluation.

At present, faculty members of the CEA Are conducting several researches including the Development of an Energy Efficiency and Conservation Measure Resource Assessment Model for BPSU, Graduate Tracer Studies of Engineering Graduates, Beach Litter Collector, Renewable Energy Production Using PicoHydro Electric Generator designed for the Irrigation Canal of Arsenal Limay, and Simulation of the Mechanical Properties of Superconductors for Industrial Applications(Prediction of Residual Stress in Coated High Temperature Superconducting Films).