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Extension Projects (May-August 2010)
Abucay Campus
Main Campus
Balanga Campus
Dinalupihan Campus
Orani Campus

Abucay Campus

Farmers Field Day of S&T Based Farming in Balanga City. After one year of implementing the goat production project under the Science and Technology-Based Farming (STBF) in Brgy. Upper Tuyo, City of Balanga, Bataan, the Office of Extension Services (OES) disseminated its findings among 45 goat raisers during the Farmers Field Day on June 7, 2010.
Goat raisers from barangays Tanato and Dangcol also in Balanga City attended the Farmers Field Day. Results of the one year research on goat raising with science and technology (S&T) intervention such as infusion of island-born pure Boer buck, construction of improved goat house and forage garden production were presented to the farmers. The result shows that goats raised with S&T intervention are better than the offspring raised using the method used by the local farmers in terms of livability, gain in weight and growth rate. The project aimed to improve production systems and productivity of small goat holders in the locality.
The provincial veterinary officer and technology expert of the project Dr. Albert Venturina, Provincial S&T Officer Rosalie Ona, and Office of Provincial Agriculturist representative Flora Bobadilla were also present and manifested full support to the program. Deputy Director for R&D of PCARRD, Dr. Danilo Cardenas, Director of LRD Dr. Edwin Villar and national coordinator of PCARRD on Goat Project Mr. Erick Perez were all present in the event as well as the people from CLARRDEC namely Ms. Janet Saturno, RACO and Arden Ponce of HVCC division.
Farmer-Scientists of Bulacan Conducted Lakbay Aral to Select FITS Centers and STBF Projects in Bataan. Eight farmer scientists and two municipal agriculturists from Bulacan headed by RTP Coordinator, Dr. Josephine De Guzman conducted a lakbay-aral to selected FITS centers and STBF projects in Bataan on July 1, 2010.
The group was assisted by their counterpart in BPSU, Dr. Hermogenes M. Paguia and TSS of Bataan FITS center, Mrs. Flora Bobadilla. The first FITS center visited by the group was the Bataan FITS center under Mrs. Imelda Inieto, the Provincial Agriculturist.
A short briefing and orientation about their activities and the overall contributions of the TGP on their extension delivery services was facilitated by Mrs. Flora Bobadilla. The guests were able to observe the setup of the center and displayed IEC materials and souvenir items. Also, a short tour on techno- demo projects beside the center has been conducted.
Balanga FITS Center
The group also proceeded to the Balanga City FITS center to see some of its innovative services and programs for their clients from agriculture and business sectors. Mrs. Nerissa Mateo, the center manager conducted the orientation at the Balanga City Hall through. Mrs. Mateo appreciated the group for choosing Balanga FITS as their benchmark.
To share some of their experiences and positive gains from the center’s operations, details of their agricultural programs was shared and delivered by Mrs. Mateo through power point presentation. Highlight of the presentation was the recognitions and awards received by the agriculture office from provincial and regional level.
Since most of the FITS centers in Bataan are presently implementing their STBF projects, they are interested to see how these projects are being implemented and managed by the local team with MS as the key player on overall project operation.
Mango Production
The STBF on Mango Production in Dangcol, Balanga City under Mr. Edgardo Abella as farmer cooperator was visited by the group. The S&T interventions being implemented in the project was discussed by the MS. He explained that allowing his 50 mango trees to be cut is not a losing decision but instead will improve its productivity and viability. Moreover, the activity will demonstrate effectiveness of progressive pruning in achieving the productivity of mango trees.
Abucay Campus, Coffee and Pineapple Production
Aside from STBF projects, visitors were also toured to other collaborative development projects in nearby community of BPSU Abucay Campus like Coffee Rehabilitation Project and pineapple production in Palili, Samal, Bataan.
The group also observed for the first time the BPSU Abucay Campus’ production and commercialization activities on: High Value Vegetable Crops under Protected Cultivation; Hydroponics Vegetable Under Low Cost Structure; Organic Egg Farming; Goat Enterprise and Tissue Culture Laboratory.
Limay and Bagac
After the short tour in Abucay Campus, benchmarking at FITS center of Limay was also done by the MS and PMA visitors. They are welcomed by the TSS and ISS of the center who gave orientation regarding their programs and projects. While the last FITS center that the group has visited was in Bagac in which a short glance of the center setup and records of conducted events were carried-out.
The techno gabay program in the province is being implemented through collaborative effort between the local government units as implementers and BPSU as lead agency for promotion of the program, linkages buildup, capacity building of partners’ human resources and consultancy services.
Soil Conservation Guided Farm for Aeta Community in Brgy. Payangan, Dinalupihan Launched. In order to solve the continuous threat on soil degradation, rapid soil erosion brought by rampant slash-and-burn farming (kaingin) and lack of technology application in upland farming, the Soil Conservation Guided Farm was implemented and launched in upland areas of Aeta community in Barangay Payangan, Dinalupihan, Bataan on July 30, 2010. More than 100 farmers from the community participated in the event.
The demo-farm was established through the effort and initiative of Conservation Management Division of the Department of Agriculture (DA). As a collaborative undertaking among farmer groups, the local government units and BPSU, the university shall be responsible on extension and technology services in order to ensure that sustainable crop production among farmer beneficiaries could be achieved.
Being the first techno-demo on soil conservation in the locality, it is expected that sooner this could be replicated in all similar locations in the municipality.
In his message during the event, DA Undersecretary for Regional Operations Joel Rudinas said the project has been established not merely as showcase site for upland farming; but more importantly, it should be developed as training venue for soil conservation practices and sustainable agriculture.
One of the highlights of the event was the joint tree planting of 200 rambutan grafted seedlings participated in by officials from DA, LGUs and BPSU. Agriculture students of the University was also part of the activity. Local media from print and television network CLTV 36 covered the event.
The project launching was participated in by more than 100 farmers in the village, guests from partner agencies, and officials from BPSU headed by Dr. Greg J. Rodis, Vice President for Research Extension and Auxiliary Services, Abucay Campus Director, BPSU Research and Development Director and Associate Directors for Extension and R&D in Abucay Campus.
The event was also graced by the presence of many personalities from partner and lead agencies, namely: Dinalupihan Municipal Mayor Joel Jaime P. Payumo, Bataan First District Representative Herminia B. Roman, Dr. Silvino Q. Tejada, Director of the Bureau Soil and Water Management (BSWM), Dr. Redentor S. Gatus, Regional Executive Director, RFU-III, division chiefs and staffs from BSWM, municipal agriculturists and technicians from Dinalupihan.
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Main Campus

Food Preservation with Costing, Packaging and Marketing of Products. This project was headed by Ms. Rowena S. Badua of the College of Technical and Vocational Training. With 21 participants (2 Males and 19 Females) from Balut II, Pilar, Bataan on June 7, 2010. They were taught how to make Pickled Papaya, Banana Chips and Banana Vinegar. Food Preservation is only one of the many ways to stretch your food budget, and also the easiest way to extend the shelf life of the food that you buy and grow.
Seminar on Good Parenting. The resource speakers of this project are Mr. Joerald Gadia and Mrs. Marianita Sarmiento. Although most parents would agree that their children are more important than their job, most usually get more on-the-job training than they do as a parent. Good Parenting is necessary in proper values development of a child. It is important to make sure that children feel secured, loved and valued, and in that sense they will learn to become sensitive to the needs of others. Through this project, the parents were taught on how to become good parents in line with proper child discipline. There were 18 participants to this project (2 males and 16 females) from Balut II, Pilar, Bataan.
Seminar on Proper Nutrition with the Theme “Sa Pagkaing Tama at Sapat, Wastong Timbang ni Baby ang Katapat”. Proper nutrition will help ensure the child's normal growth and development, from the very important first few months through the teenage years. It is easy to see, that the child's nutrition will definitely have a long-term impact.
As we are coming to understand the value of good nutrition, it is important to establish good eating habits from a young age. It is never too early to teach children the value of avoiding high fat foods and the importance of fiber, calcium, iron and other minerals in the diet. Understanding the value of and adapting a well balanced diet at an early age has life-long benefits.
Through these principles, the Office of Extension Services conducted a seminar on proper nutrition at Balut II Day Care Center on July 22, 2010. The speaker of this project is Mr. Gabby Sibayan of the College of Arts and Sciences-Hotel and Restaurant Department. The participants are 25 parents of the pupils of the said school at Balut II, Pilar, Bataan.
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Balanga Campus

Si Nanay at Tatay: Gabay sa Pag-aaral at Wastong Pag-uugali. On August 13, 2010, the fourth year students of the College of Social and Behavioral Sciences conducted a Psychological Seminar as a part of their curriculum requirements entitled “Si Nanay at Tatay: Gabay sa Pag-aaral at Wastong Pag-uugali”. Fifty five (55) parents of the Grade I to VI Pupils of Tortugas Elementary School are the participants of the said project.
Perfume and Herbal Soap Making in Brgy. Munting Batangas. On June 8-9, 2010, the Office of Extension Services-Balanga Campus, in coordination with the College of Business and Accountancy (CBA) trained 16 mothers of Brgy. Munting Batangas, City of Balanga, on how to make perfume and herbal soap. This project equipped them with additional knowledge to have an extra income and later on, to venture into a small scale business. The extensionists to this project are Dr. Susan Laggui, Dr. Aurora Consunji, Juliet Masangcap and Lorna dela Paz.
Basic First Aid Training Program. The College of Nursing and Midwifery spearheaded the conduct of the First Aid Training Program at Brgy. Munting Batangas, Balanga City last June 11, 2010. The following are the extensionists involved: Dr. Susan C. Laggui, Anita Alburo, Cyndi Saclag, Maritess Canlas, Julie dela Cruz, Evangeline Sombiluna, Mercyliza Cruz, Romeo Tuazon, Aimee Brigada and Stevens Badar. Recipients of this project are 28 youths and 28 mothers of the barangay. It equipped them with appropriate skills in responding to any situations that need initial medical assistance especially in times of emergency.
Perfume and Herbal Soap Making for the Senior Citizens of Brgy. Bliss. This project taught the 20 senior citizens of Brgy. Bagong Silang, Bliss on June 26, 2010 how to make perfume and herbal soap not only for self consumption but for business as well. The program started on the skills of making perfume and soap up to its proper labeling, packaging, costing then simple accounting.
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Dinalupihan Campus

Monitoring of Seryeng Tulong Pangkabuhayan on Banana Chips Making at barangay San Simon, Dinalupihan, Bataan. From the said monitoring, it was learned that three participants have already started with banana chips production. Evaluation of the product was done revealing the following for improvements: 1.) correct slicing of banana; 2.) crispiness of the product and 3.) packaging. A group of three beneficiaries have decided to buy sealer and slicer with the help of the Associate Director so that the packaging of the chips will be improved. Observation on the process of cooking the chips will be observed in the next round of monitoring.
School-Based Management Seminar for Parents and Teachers. Two elementary schools in the town of Hermosa, Bataan conducted School-Based Management Seminar for Parents and Teachers with the help of BPSU Dinalupihan Campus faculty members. The said elementary schools were Mabiga Elementary School and Saba Elementary School. The seminar included the discussion of School-Based Management to teachers and parents in order to minimize the dropout rate among students. Also included in the seminar were topics on English Proficiency Training for Teachers and Absenteeism and Drop Out. Sixteen (16) teachers and sixty-five (65) parents from the two schools participated in the seminar. Faculty members from the university who served as resource persons include: Dr. Perla Estrella, Mrs. Loida L. Garcia and Mrs. Monica Cabanding.
Assistance to Dinalupihan Central School in the Administration, Scoring and Interpreting the School Readiness Test for Incoming SPED and SSES Grade One Pupils. The Department of Education Bataan Division Office requested the University to assist the Dinalupihan Central School in the selection of incoming grade one pupils for the school’s Special Education (SPED) class and Special Science Education Section (SSES) for SY 2010-2011. With the assistance of Dinalupihan Campus Extension Services Associate Director Dr. Perla Estrella, the examination kit was purchased from Manila Seventy (70) incoming grade one pupils took the assessment.
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Orani Campus

Basic Housekeeping Seminar. The Orani Campus trained 30 women of Barangay Alikabok, Orani Bataan on Basic Housekeeping on June 1-3. Faculty extensionist who served as trainers were Ms. Joy Simpao, Ms. Aurea Reyes and Associate Director for Extension Services Dr. Felicisima Tungol. The training covered basic skills for domestic and institutional housekeeping with discussion on hospitality and home service industry and work related attributes. Campus Director Rudy Flores and Dean of Instruction Engr. Yolanda Simbul graced the graduation of the participants.
Trainor’s Training on Beauty Care. Forty-eight individuals attended the four-day Trainor’s Training on Beauty Care in Abucay Campus on June 1-4, 2010. Hairstyling, make-up application, facial treatment and foot spa were demonstrated during the training. Trainers came from Orani Campus which formerly specializes on home industries before it was integrated to the then BPSC.