College of Social and Behavioral Sciences

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The origin of the College of Social and Behavioral Sciences (CSBS) can be tracked back in the late part of 1970s. The course Bachelor of Arts in Sociology, its first program offering in 1979, initially produced two graduates in 1983.

The impetus for offering AB Sociology during those times can be attributed to the clamor of the people for massive social, political and economic reforms especially in the province of Bataan. Indeed, it is a microcosm of the entire Philippine society during the 1980s.

From 1980 to 1986, Dr. Felicidad Rubiano, concurrently headed the AB and Education Departments. In 1987, the AB department became independent from the Education Department. Fr. Samuel J. Galutera, an Aglipayan priest and was among the pioneer graduates of the AB Sociology program was designated as its head.

In 1993, sensing the need for reform in the curriculum, the AB Sociology program was replaced with AB Psychology. In 1996, Mr. Jerry Diwa—a General Science major— was appointed head of the Psychology department, replacing Fr. Galutera who resigned from office to head one of the courses in Microcity, a computer school in the City of Balanga. He was replaced in early 1997 by Pastor Eduardo Ramirez Cortez.

In 1999, the AB Department was renamed to Institute of Arts and Sciences (2). The numeric figure 2 in the institute’s name signify that there were two existing Institutes of Arts and Sciences in BPSC, one in the Balanga Campus and the other in the Main Campus—the IAS (1). Each was led by two different Heads.

In 2001, another step to improve the AB Psychology program was implemented. The program Bachelor of Science in Psychology was introduced through BOT Resolution No. 10. The program has two major fields of specialization, namely: Clinical Psychology and Human Resource Development. In October 2006, the Academic Council (ACCO) passed a resolution to rename the major Human Resource Development (HRD) to Industrial Psychology.

In 2005, pursuant to BOT Resolution No. 8, and amended by BOT Resolution No. 27 series of 2006, the name of Institute of Arts and Sciences (2) was turned into Institute of Social and Behavioral Sciences (ISBS).

Bearing the same commitment, the ISBS is now known as the College of Social and Behavioral Science (CSBS) as a result of the conversion of BPSC into a state university.