Congressman Jack Ponce Enrile speaks at BPSU Graduation 2012

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Congressman Jack Ponce Enrile of the lone District of Cagayan Province addressed the 1,413 graduating students of the Bataan Peninsula State University’s four campuses on March 31, 2012 at the Bataan People’s Center.

The congressman shared his life experiences and the lessons he learned from them. Having married at an early age, he had to work as a mechanic, a gun smith and a fast food crew in the US. “Mine was not a journey on paved roads; it was more of a rocky hike to success. One thing, however served as fuel in my mind—the thought of rising up to be the person I knew I could be”, he said.

The solon did not forget his education, after 17 years of graduating high school, he finished his academic degree in the arts at Christian Heritage College in El Cajon, California, and his master’s at Pepperdine University.

“You are here because you have lived up to the University’s standards of excellence. The University is now designating you to be it stewards of knowledge and development,” exhorted the Enrile.

The Balanga, Dinalupihan, Orani and Bagac campuses joined together for the first time in a single ceremony. The Main and Abucay Campus will also be having a joint graduation rite on April 10, 2012.